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Your Accountability Craze Team Co-Founder

Vicki O'Neill
Your Accountability Craze Team Co-Founder

$100k Accountability Craze
If you're a SERIOUS Entrepreneur or Small Business Owner
and want to take your business to the next level
but other priorities keep getting in the way... 
This CHALLENGE is for YOU!

Join us and other like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners for the business challenge of a lifetime.


If you have ever...

* Struggled to take your business to the next level 
* Put growth initiatives on the back burner because other priorities get in the way
* Lacked the right resources - people, applications, money
* Given yourself TOO many excuses
* Been stuck in 'analysis paralysis' mode
* Wished you had a coach to hold you accountable for what you SAY you want to do

If you said YES! to any of the above, this Challenge is for you.

Join us in the race to the finish - where everyone is a WINNER and we CELEBRATE your successes!

* Direct support from 2 coaches for building your business - online and off! 
* Help identifying what's holding you back, even if it's you
* Works with you to develop action items focused on achieving your BIGGER goals
* Monthly training courses (how to's, educational, webinars, guest speakers)
* Access to the Facebook Accountability Craze Inner Circle
* Bi-weekly live chats w/ Q&A
* Weekly online marketing support
* Support when you go through business struggles (because you will!)
* Accountability groups and challenges
* Opportunity for one-on-one coaching
* Exclusive Small Business support tools
* Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs 
* Brainstorm business ideas and challenges
* Fun
*Celebrating business milestone achievements
*** And so much more!


In case you're still on the fence....check this out.

The Accountability Craze Inner Circle includes THE signature program focused on helping you Take Your Business to the Next Level and  is your ultimate online support and training program for those who understand the importance of marketing and sales to grow their business but just don't have the time or resources to figure it all out alone. 

The $100K Accountability Craze Challenge has been created with you in mind. This program will offer marketing and sales training, live online monthly events, online support through Facebook, online networking opportunities, accountability, challenges, fun and never seen before marketing tools and services exclusive to its members. 

Have you ever wanted to....

Start live video streaming? We'll show you the what and how and you'll have an active audience to practice in front of before going live.

Know more about paid advertising and how it works? We'll give you the training, show you the resources and help you with getting your program up and running. 

Start an online program? We've been there and done that. There's A LOT of intricate details to making a webinar a reality. We'll show you how it's done and the best resources to use.

Make generating revenue easier, you know making the 'sale' easier?  We've encountered A TON of 'NO' responses and will help prepare you for when you do, too. Because you will :) 

Have someone in your ear encouraging you to take that next step? That's truly our passion! Helping others through the struggles, see them succeed and celebrating their success. 

Owning your business doesn't HAVE to be difficult - but it does HAVE to be rewarding. 

Are you looking for your 'WHY'? Here's WHY you should join us. 

Simply put:  we are just like you. We've experienced the start up challenges, ebb and flow of the emotional roller coaster that goes along with owning your own business, taken those online and offline courses and struggled to complete it and the constantly changing priorities that keep your business moving but keeps you from taking it to the next level

So....we completely understand your struggles. We have spent the past 20 years figuring out the best branding, online marketing strategies and sales techniques for ourselves and clients. Now, we want to share this with you and minimize the struggles while helping you reach the next level, sooner.
Our $100k Accountability Craze Challenge is all about helping others reach the next level. Setting goals, motivating and inspiring each other, holding each other accountable, coaching, having fun and celebrating each other's successes and milestones. THAT'S what this Craze is all about!

Are you ready to take the CHALLENGE? 

Whether you are a brick and mortar shop, an online business or both - the Craze Team is always ready to help you and challenge you to accomplish your WINS!

Now....a little about us, our company's, our  skills and our teams:

Your Accountability Craze Team LEADERS - Robynn & Vicki:
20 x 2 years of experienced strategic marketing and sales advisors, savvy digital marketing planners, one-on-one coaches, content strategists, webinar trainers, podcast hosts, customer journey mappers, persona developers, inbound marketing generators, accountability coaches and so much more.

Your Support TEAM
Strategic marketing advisors, WordPress developers, Google qualified experts, content strategists, UX/UI designers, highly skilled front and back-end web developers, paid advertising experts, storytellers, copywriters, designers, app developers, social media trainers and so many others.


Think about this for a minute.....It's one year from you REALLY want to be in the same place you are today? Or do you want to get REAL and CHALLENGE yourself to create your next level of greatness? 

Say 'YES!' to the Challenge. You will be glad you did! 
About Robynn Anton and RGA Creative
RGA Creative is a website development and content marketing agency located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Led by 20-year marketing veteran, Robynn Anton, RGA Creative is ready to help take your business to the next level. Offering Website-as-a-Service and other affordable programs for small business, RGA Creative has been working with businesses just like yours across the U.S. making sure they understand the basics of digital marketing.

About Vicki O'Neill and KenKay Marketing
Vicki O'Neill is a Cincinnati area Marketing and Sales Strategist with over 20 years experience in marketing and sales and across various industries including automotive, publishing, manufacturing and ad agencies. She started KenKay Marketing in 2011 and since then has worked with startups, entrepreneurs, small businesses and mid-size companies on their branding, marketing strategies and creating alignment between marketing and sales teams.

I have a question before I sign up!
If you aren't doing what you love, change what you are doing!
~ Robynn Anton ~
You know All Those Things You've Always Wanted to do? 
You should do those now.
~ Vicki o'neill ~
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